Character Studies through 1 Samuel

Hannah part 2

Apr 10, 2021

A Sacrifice of Praise

The hands were gently weaving, putting each piece in its place and stitching the fabric together. These were the hands that meticulously calculated the length and the breadth. How much had he grown? How much bigger from last year? These were the hands that years before clenched tightly to the pain of being barren. The hands that opened to release the hurt as she bowed before the Lord. These were the hands that were then raised in worship, knowing she was free from her burdens. The hands, that in time, were full again. Filled with a baby’s cry, filled with laughter, filled with little toes to tickle and little fingers grasping back. 

These were the hands that lovingly led the little boy up the steps to the temple. The hands that held him close as she said farewell. The hands that blew kisses and waved from a distance. Those hands that were now empty of her child were occupied in doing the one thing she could. Making a little robe year by year, to take to her child of promise.  

Through Hannah’s faithful devotion, spurred on by her pain, she was able to give the greatest sacrifice any mother could. Her son. She knew the consequences of her vow.

“I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life” 1 Samuel 1:11 (ESV)

This was the mother who deemed it better that her son should dwell in the house of the Lord forever, than to spend his days with her. 

A habit of sacrifice

I don’t know a single Christian mother who doesn’t desire that her children walk faithfully with the Lord. And yet are we willing to make such sacrifices as Hannah did for our children to dwell in the presence of the Lord? Do we display Hannah’s commitment as she worshipped year by year? Hannah was faithful in her regular sacrifices to the Lord which enabled her to bring her ultimate sacrifice. If we want to give great things to God we need to begin a habit of giving the small things. 

Do we, like Hannah, come humbly to the throne, bringing our needs, our hurts, and our burdens before the Lord? If we desire our children to walk closely with Jesus, we also must be walking closely to Him. We can not expect our children to dwell in a place which we do not go ourselves.

Hannah found freedom and fulfilment in the presence of the Lord. Samuel in turn grew to be a prophet that dwelt in the presence of God. The greatest thing we can pass onto our children is dedicated worship. 

When we cultivate a habit of spending time with Jesus, it becomes second nature to be in His presence, and the house of God becomes our second home.  

Hannah’s hands busied themselves with the making of a robe for Samuel. And after her habitual visit to the temple she received another prophecy and 5 more children to hold in her hands. 

Our sacrifices are never wasted. God takes from our hands, brings forth fruit and fills our hands with more.

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